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About Sree Illam

The SREE ILLAM TRUST is establishing for the aged and needy named “ SREE ILLAM “ .The trust has been established by C .R . SARADHA in memory of her husband K MANIKANDAN who passed away suddenly in 1999.The Trust was formed on 11- 10-2015 , as public Charitable Trust with the noble objective of providing solace to aged people and with other laudable objectives like provisions of Old Age Home for needy and disabled persons, medical care for old people, sick people, other possible help for needy senior citizens. It aims to provide “A Home away from Home” to our elderly citizens

The process of aging is a natural phenomenon. It is inevitable and hence has to be accepted with cheer. This obviously is not so easy . Moreover space limitations are creating a lot of disturbance to the elders and their children going for work which occupies major portions of their time, they are not in a positions to take care of their parents. All these factors have heralded the birth of Home for Seniors Citizens. This Home accommodates people who are not only old disabled also.

THIS HOME FOR AGED is a long-term residential healthcare family providing an atmosphere of respect and concern for each individuals resident. The Homes provides a safe, appropriates environments specifically designed to meet the need of its aged residents who may have different geriatric problems.

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